• By Mark
  • October 25, 2022

A Second Dance At Life

A Second Dance At Life

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The pandemic really stung the Transplant House of Cleveland, Ohio. Their last benefit auction that was held to raise funds was their Second Dance At Life Gala in 2018. Transplant House gives transplant recipients and their families a place to stay while awaiting an organ transplant at either University Hospital or the Cleveland Clinic. Due to the pandemic, all elective operations ceased at hospitals and emergency surgeries were so difficult to perform under COVID restrictions. This decision really hurt THoC. Those awaiting an organ transplant were really caught in a life and death issue.

Thankfully we are past the crisis and the demand for Transplant House assistance is in high demand. Just between January 1st and August of 2022, over 250 patients and their families had to be turned away from Transplant House. There was just no more room at the 25-room building accommodating waiting recipients and their families.

Because there are so many organ transplant recipients at the Second Dance at Life fundraising gala, the event had to be put on hold for four years. Finally on October 21st, 2022 THoC held their Second Dance at Life Gala at the gorgeous Tutor Arms Hotel ballroom. Amateur dancers consisting of organ recipients, surgeons, health care providers and local celebrities were paired with professional dancers. They competed with dance performances in front of the supporting audience and they were judged on their performances by Dancing With The Stars professional dancer Anna Treybunskya. It was a fun night of dancing and fundraising as Auction brio led the live auction and Fund-a-Need auctions to a new record for raised funds reaching $53,000 dollars over goal for THoC.

This is what we do for our clients, let us conduct your benefit auctions and raise new record setting funds for your organization or learning institution.

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