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IMG_5039*In :10 seconds, I can present one idea of how to raise $30,000 in your Silent auction months before your event.
*In 5-minutes I can explain how to become a partner that sponsors will love to be part of your organization or learning institution.
*In 15-minutes I can explain how you will retain donors for the next year even though statistics show 75% of all first time donors never make a second donation.
*In 30 minutes I can present so many fresh money generating ideas to your event you’ll need 10-years to implement all of them.
*In 45 minutes you will be filled with fresh ideas that will generate more money than you have ever raised in the past.
In our :50 minute Auction brio llc. Lunch & Learn, Mark Schroeder CAI, BAS, CES presents your organization with original ideas that will generate more funds prior to your event and at your fundraising event.
This is open to any organization or learning institution that wishes to discover money-generating ideas from a leader in the benefit auction industry.
You do not need to be a current client.
Auction brio llc. Lunch & Learn can be held at your office.
IMG_5042Though travel expenses may apply, this is a FREE informative opportunity to understand there are more ways of raising money at benefit auctions than you ever imagined.
This is not a sales pitch. It is an invigorating :50 minute ideas session that will enhance money generating opportunities at your benefit auction gala.

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Attend an Auction brio Lunch & Learn and discover how tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars that were walking out your door, will now go to your bank account.

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