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THIS Is What They Want To Give To

There are an abundance of industries of interest to donors, but here are the main industries:(Donorbox 2023, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy News) 1) Religious organizations – receive…

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Average Gross Income Donors

Most believe that you need to have people in the room that have big dollars to give to the organization. Yes, that is true. It is also true that those…

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Recovering From a Poor Auction

How does your event rebound from a poor event that was conducted in the previous year? That event could have run into a number of problems and it wasn’t just…

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Do We Need An Auction Chair

The role of an auction chair is very important to a benefit auction fundraiser. Most auction chairs are selected because they are passionate about an organization’s mission or the learning…

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Prediction Of Top Sellers 2023

What are you procuring for your fundraising auction this year? Will the live auction look just like last years live auction with the same items and packages? Maybe you’ll just…

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Failure To Strategize Your Auction

There are many reasons for auctions that do not raise as much as “hoped” or “expected”. One of the key reasons is because there was no strategy planned and applied…

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Why Did It Sell For So MUCH

What makes bidders celebrate like they are in the photo? It’s the thrill of winning a competitive bidding frenzy and the elation of being the winner! A long time ago…

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