• By Mark
  • September 20, 2022

The Trust

The Trust

The Trust 1024 796 Mark

Trust is a must. It has to happen between the auctioneer and the client and between the client and the auctioneer. Our clients trust that I will do my best to present strategies to help engage supporters so they will give and give more than they originally intended to give. There are always new and original ideas to help a client raise more money. When working with a first time client, it is valuable for me to learn as much as I can about the organization, the supporters and the mission that bonds them. This provides me with insight to apply a strategy that will help my client raise more money at the event. We also help clients raise more money prior to the event by giving them ideas to procure donations months in advance of the event. That early raised money is a key component when it comes to the day of the auction and how we insprire donors to give more and more often. The client must trust the auctioneer’s experience and ability to read the audience so that he is able to drive more bidding and giving.

Trust that we are teaming with your organization or school to bring original ideas and strategies to your event so we can help you continue programs, services, care and education to the people and children that need you. Contact us so we can help you raise more money.

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