Make Your Sponsorship Standout

In has been my experience with first time clients that their sponsorships are more a money grab for the moment, than a planned strategy for repeat business and a bonding opportunity for years to come. I am hear to tell you, do not miss on this opportunity to tandem this ride. Sponsors are hounded by…

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Don’t Make Them Cry

If you make supporters cry at your fundraising event, are they more willing to give you money? Or are they more likely to want to leave the room as fast as possible? It’s proven that trying to purposely create a sad story to provide guilt so people will give to your cause, you have done…

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Show Donors LOVE

Why should a sponsor team with your organization or learning institution? Why should they ally with your mission for $500,000 or $100,000 or $50,000 or $25,000 or $10,000 or even $1,000 dollars? There are thousands of causes that sponsors could put their money to wonderful use. So why do they choose YOU? Are you offering…

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Sell Travel

If you have not traveled in a while due to restrictions, you are going to be surprised by how crowded it is in airports, scarce amounts of rental cars and hotels are filled up too. The good news is that here is an obvious opportunity for your live auction to raise more money. Within the…

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Go Hybrid

The best discovery of this past year has been how smart nonprofits have aligned with mobile bidding companies to reach out to remote bidders and donors to their Fund-a-Need. Live streamed events over the past year have raised tens to hundreds of thousands more dollars for my clients. Yes, there is a lot that goes…

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When you do THIS…your auction raises THOUSANDS MORE!

Auction brio llc’s business model is teaming up with our client and its mission. We are all-in to help raise more money for nonprofits through sponsorships, underwriting, consultation, auctions and most importantly, through money generating creative strategies. How do you strategize for your money raising? Are you taking the same approach each year or are…

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2021 Benefit Auctions Raising Hundreds of Thousands More In Funds.

I have heard it all. From virtual fatigue, to no one has money, to no one will attend a virtual auction or an in-person benefit auction due to restrictions. Well, you are completely wrong! As of this writing, I have conducted five benefit auctions 2021 and all of them have far exceeded expectations. They have…

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Is Virtual Over? Or Just Starting?

Have you conducted your first virtual benefit auction? Or have you held out hoping that even though it’s been a year without that big benefit auction, you can get back into a room of hundreds of donors again? Well, if you did go virtual, the results say you were VERY smart to do so and…

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See The USA! It Is 2021’s Best Seller

America is ready to bust out for vacation and it will be doing so throughout the USA. With borders closed to Europe and Canada, Americans are going to be spending the summer and fall of 2021 traveling within the United States. With closed borders and precautionary measures for distancing, families are feeling safer traveling within…

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Mark Goes Virtual

With 23-years of multi-Emmy & Telly Award winning on-air and video production expertise, Mark captures the virtual auction experience like no other professional auctioneer. Mark has the professional television broadcast experience to set-up the video production in planning meetings before your event. Then on auction day, he will conduct the auction live on camera for…

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