galas are starting earlier & ending earlier

galas are starting earlier & ending earlier 1024 768 Mark

What is the time that you are starting your benefit event? What time are you stating that it will end? Is it a weekday event or a weekend event? Are you still at the same starting and ending times as usual? I have seen a change with my clients event times and some other entertainment…

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this is why paddles matter

this is why paddles matter 874 534 Mark

Numbered paddles raised in the air by bidders is likely the most iconic image of an auction. Paddles have been part of auctions for over 2,000 years. Television commercials that contain an auction always have bidders raising paddles. So why would anyone want to eliminate this important tool for bidding? It happens when someone thinks…

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value drives sponsor levels

value drives sponsor levels 743 494 Mark

Over the past eighteen years I have looked over hundreds of client sponsorship forms. For for the majority of forms you could say, if you’ve seen one form you’ve seen them all. Everyone offers “your logo printed in the program. Your logo projected on the screen. Your logo on our website and social media sites.”…

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A single auction brio strategy delivered tens of thousands more dollars!

A single auction brio strategy delivered tens of thousands more dollars! 1024 677 Mark

No two auctions are alike. Your benefit auction will be different from all the others. From attendance size, to the donors level of giving or buying, your event is unique and it should be treated that way. The only way to raise more money is to create new paths for generating fresh funds so when…

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do this and generate more money in the live auction

do this and generate more money in the live auction 768 1024 Mark

Every auction should aim to be a new record for raised funds at the gala. That record will come from strategies and excellent planning. Great live auction packages can fall from the sky once in a while, but most of the time, they come from asking. A lot of asking. You can get an idea…

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selecting your Master or mistress of ceremonies

selecting your Master or mistress of ceremonies 1024 768 Mark

The selection of who leads and manages your event is important. They have a very important role. The Master or Mistress of Ceremonies is the person who will be the face of your organization or your school for that event. Are you selecting the right person who has genuine, personal interest in your mission? Do…

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Do games work?

Do games work? 1024 768 Mark

Has your benefit auction held a game that had guests participate in it to win a prize? How did it go? Was it magnificent? Did a good number of guests participate? Did you raise a ton of money? In my experiences with games at events these things can happen. Games take a lot of time…

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this is why R&D is not a benefit to your fundraising

this is why R&D is not a benefit to your fundraising 1024 617 Mark

The best clients and the best benefit auctions always have original live auction packages in their events. When a guest opens the evening’s program and looks over the live auction packages, there should be a wow factor reaction. There should be a moment of “wow, where did they get this?” This is what drives guests…

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The ALEXANDER House 1024 768 Mark

The Alexander House of Bulverde, Texas had never hired a licensed professional benefit auctioneer. Auction brio was recommended to them after their 2022 fundraising event. I was contacted with just two months prior to the event in August of 2023. We got together quickly after signing the agreement and I discovered how they help save…

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The Samaritan Inn

The Samaritan Inn 1024 768 Mark

The Samaritan Inn in McKinney, Texas provides hope for the homeless. The fundraising at this event directly impacts 180 residents. 70 of those residents are children of the Inn. This annual gala was a collection of generous and caring people of the McKinney community who supported their needing neighbors. The live auction and the Fund-a-Need…

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