The Power Of Their Money

How many times has your organization or learning institution personally notified a donor of how their money impacted a specific ask? Have you ever called or met with donors to…

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The brio Ideas Guide

From the moment that Auction brio llc. enters into a contractual agreement, we send you the Auction brio Ideas Guide. Presently, it contains 462 auction package and item ideas that…

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Why They Will Bid Higher

So many nonprofits are focused on “how many” live auction items or packages will be in the live auction. That’s fine, but they miss on selecting the quality of the…

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What Creates HIGH Bidding?

Every fundraising auction event wants items or packages to go as high as possible. It will only happen when we can create competition between bidders. So, how can we build…

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Make Your Sponsorship Standout

In has been my experience with first time clients that their sponsorships are more a money grab for the moment, than a planned strategy for repeat business and a bonding…

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Don’t Make Them Cry

If you make supporters cry at your fundraising event, are they more willing to give you money? Or are they more likely to want to leave the room as fast…

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Show Donors LOVE

Why should a sponsor team with your organization or learning institution? Why should they ally with your mission for $500,000 or $100,000 or $50,000 or $25,000 or $10,000 or even…

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Sell Travel

If you have not traveled in a while due to restrictions, you are going to be surprised by how crowded it is in airports, scarce amounts of rental cars and…

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