• By Mark
  • July 6, 2022

Auction brio Helps Three Clients Raise Over $2.26 Million

Auction brio Helps Three Clients Raise Over $2.26 Million

Auction brio Helps Three Clients Raise Over $2.26 Million 1024 926 Mark

No one has to be reminded of the high costs of living and doing business right now, but one thing that has gone up and everyone is happy for is the generosity of donors. 2021 was the biggest year ever for nonprofit organizations as Americans gave over $485 billion dollars to charities! That is an incredible number.

This year has been fantastic for Auction brio llc. clients. Each client this year has set a new record and eclipsed goals for fundraising for their event. Auction brio teams with clients months in advance and even up to a year in advance of their event in order to apply strategies that will generate more funds prior to the event.

This past June was tremendous for clients. A total of $2.26 million dollars was raised for three clients on three separate weeks. By presenting donors with a reason to give, donors gave not only at high donation levels, but also the number of donors grew. Individuals raised their paddles multiple times to donate more money to the Fund-a-Need.

We all battle the state of inflation and high costs but one thing is true, donors are giving and giving at significant levels. Do not be misguided that no one wants to participate in your organization, school or mission. When you bond the donors with your mission, they understand the power of their money…and they will give more than they originally planned. Team up with Mark & Auction brio llc and we’ll help your organization enhance it’s event.

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