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  • January 4, 2022

The Power Of Their Money

The Power Of Their Money

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How many times has your organization or learning institution personally notified a donor of how their money impacted a specific ask? Have you ever called or met with donors to inform them what the power of their money has done to create a new program, or sustain or improve a person’s life, or bought a new machine that can detect child abuse? Have you taken the time to make the followed up with your generous donors?

The number one reason donors give is because they want to help with the issue of need. The number one disconnect for a donor is that they never discover what impact their donation made to the need. As strategists, Auction brio llc. instructs clients to share the story with donors and let them know the power of their money. When donors learn how they aided in the solution to an issue, they not only feel gratification but they also draw a closer bond to your organization or learning institution. There is a very high percentage of donors who give more the next time they are asked for a donation.

Show clients the power of their money and they will not leave your organization for another cause or a gala received to me more fun. Your event becomes a can’t miss because you have shared with them their personal impact that could never have happened without them.

This is what we do for our clients. Contract with Auction brio llc. and learn the power of your money.

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