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  • September 28, 2020

Take A Little Trip

Take A Little Trip

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October is here!

Seven months of staying within your confines has really put birthday, anniversary and most of all vacation plans on hold… or worse.


There is great news. You are not alone in dreaming about taking that vacation. A survey conducted by travel research firm Longwood International finds that:

* 66% of Americans are ready to get back to traveling. They desire to take trips to see family or visit friends.

*58% want to take a road trip.

*33% want to take a trip to a national, state park or a monument.

*30% to take a trip to see the fall foliage.

*22% want to visit a museum or cultural institution.

When you are gearing up for your live auction packages keep in mind that you can be creative in vacation destinations for men, women, couples and families. There are so many beautiful destinations around the country and do not compromise any mandates or uncomfortable situations with social distancing. Seek out creative experiences that make your buyers comfortable in their purchases during this time.

Your buyers are hungry to get out so create an experience that 66% of the people want to do. Create the experience for a chance for a buyer to visit family or friends.

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