• By Mark
  • September 28, 2020

Pre-production vs. LIVE!

Pre-production vs. LIVE!

Pre-production vs. LIVE! 1024 678 Mark

Scared. Nervous. No idea. These are the words I have been told about trying to conduct a virtual benefit auction.

Actually none of those descriptions should describe your first virtual auction.

Virtual auctions raise a lot of money. They do so by connecting to more people because of streaming on the internet. They allow bidders an opportunity to to bid from anywhere in the world.

In the planning process, it is wise to have a balance of pre-produced videos with a live ask for money. That balance will allow for a well produced hour of entertainment and fundraising. Do not let a person who is not familiar with being in front of a video camera live for one hour or more. It is not going to go well.

Let the well pre-produced videos break up the live options of the introduction, live auction, silent auction and the Fund-a-Need. This will allow the host, auctioneer and video production crews to prepare for the next live segment while a video is streaming.

Your virtual fundraiser can be a great success if you plan well. Ask Mark and Auction brio llc. how they can help produce your virtual benefit to raise more money and provide fun entertainment.

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