• By Mark
  • August 6, 2020

School is back so set up the six steps to your virtual auction

School is back so set up the six steps to your virtual auction

School is back so set up the six steps to your virtual auction 819 1024 Mark

As the calendar closes in on mid-August, plans for getting students back to learning are settling whether they are in the school building or learning from home. This means we are inching closer the Fall benefit auction season.

From my conversations with clients and prospective clients there is no doubt that the “show MUST go on.” Understandably, school administrators have been so busy trying to create a safe environment for students that fundraising efforts have been on the back burner. But the shift is moving to the front and it is starting right now.

Many fundraisers in the spring were postponed until this Fall. Others are preparing a shift in a venue fundraiser and preparing for a virtual gala with their certified benefit auctioneer specialist. The key to the preparation is to follow these xix steps to get your virtual gala in order.

  1. Contract a professional certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialist with the experience to conduct a virtual auction.
  2. Contract with an audio / visual production company that has live streaming experience.
  3. Select a mobile bidding company that has evolved during the last five month for the needs that virtual auctions have created to make bidding easy for supporters.
  4. Set up a meeting in person or a Zoom call to start getting the gala format set up and talk about selection a streaming platform.
  5. Creative sponsorship & underwriting packages should be developed.
  6. Benefit Auctioneer Specialist and client talk about how you have new options to execute the Live auction, Silent Auction and the Fund-a-Need through mobile bidding.

With 23-years of Emmy Award & Telly Award winning broadcast television experience both on-camera and as a show producer I have the knowledge of how we can successfully execute and entertaining and engaging and engaging virtual benefit for your school to raise the newly unexpected funds that were not budgeted prior to the March lockdown.

Connect with me through my contact page on the Auction brio llc. site and lets plan your best fundraising gala ever and we can execute it virtually.

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