• By Mark
  • August 4, 2020

You are on the clock for :45 virtual minutes

You are on the clock for :45 virtual minutes

You are on the clock for :45 virtual minutes 1024 768 Mark

Over the last five months there have been many virtual galas taking place around the country. Most are discovering on the fly what the difference is from conducting their first “virtual” streaming event and the traditional venue gala.

The primary discovery is that trying to bring the traditional three to four hour virtual event is way too long to keep people’s interest on their smart phone and their smart TV’s. You must condense the traditional gala into a shorter time frame in order not lose your donors interest and their generous dollars.

The best target time for your entire virtual auction is :45 minutes. In the that time you can do it all. You can keep donor interest and be very effective in your mission message. First, you must format the :45 minutes to be an entertaining and informative event. How are you going to keep a donor’s interest in your virtual gala if your professional benefit auctioneer does not come on camera until 25-minutes into the program? Formatting the show is the smartest thing to do and have a floor director working with the persons in front of the camera in order to stay on-time.

It is important to stay tight in the Fund-a-Need ask and in conducting your live auction. There are now a few new options to execute your live auction effectively. Do not eliminately the live and move the packages into the silent auction. Feature your live auction and ask Auction brio llc. how to get the most out this situation.

The Fund-a-Need can be very successful in this event. You have the moment to be focused on the mission and a well produced video will bond the donor to your organization or learning institution. The virtual situation also gives donors an open window of extended time to be generous with their giving.

Contact me and discover how you can take :45 minutes and create an entertaining and engaging fundraising virtual benefit auction.

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