• By Mark
  • April 28, 2020

Ask Now Or The Hill Will Turn Into a Steep Mountain Climb

Ask Now Or The Hill Will Turn Into a Steep Mountain Climb

Ask Now Or The Hill Will Turn Into a Steep Mountain Climb 1024 647 Mark

We have nearly experienced 60-days of stay in place but that should not have made your organization stay in place when it came to asking for donor support. If your organization has decided that it is too sensitive to ask for support it will be climbing a big hill and if it continues to not reach out to donors, that hill will turn into a mountain.

This hourly and daily roller coaster of rule changes of what is good or bad for you and your organization, one thing that has been steady is donor giving. I have been on so may national webinars and been the feature of a number of others sharing what is taking place around the country with my peers in the benefit auction business. We are discovered that we have had a one million dollar virtual auction in Oregon, a $660,000 dollar benefit auction in hard hit COVID-19 Washington state, to others with $430,000 in Akron, Ohio on April 25th to many others raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you believed no one was supporting causes you have grossly misjudged your own supporters.

If you are currently in contact with your supporters you have a far smaller hill to climb to get back to the losses of a spring or summer benefit. If you have not yet shared your needs with your donors, do so NOW! Share with them the importance of their continued support and tell them the power of their generous donation. Avoid the very steep climb that could set your organization into a steep recovery climb. Discover the spirit of the heart and you will discover that your donors want to help you. Especially in this uncertain time.

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