• By Mark
  • October 26, 2023

this is why paddles matter

this is why paddles matter

this is why paddles matter 874 534 Mark

Numbered paddles raised in the air by bidders is likely the most iconic image of an auction. Paddles have been part of auctions for over 2,000 years. Television commercials that contain an auction always have bidders raising paddles. So why would anyone want to eliminate this important tool for bidding? It happens when someone thinks there is a cooler way or they could use technology to replace the simple task of participating in an auction. Until something that is invented that can elevate energy in the room that can beat out a simple raise of a paddle, just stick to the paddles. Most importantly, bid paddles attach accountability to bidders. Bidders register, receive a paddle number and they bid. When the auctioneer yells sold, bidder #210, you know who that bidder is and you have all their information to immediately bill them. Picture a ballroom filled with 1,200 attendees with no paddles for the auction. One hundred hands are raised to donate to the Fund-a-Need. How will those donations be collected? You better allow 2- hours for the auction because this will take forever to collect those bids and that is, if they admit later that they raised their hand. It’s ridiculous. Why would anyone make their job more difficult to collect money? If the system of raising a paddle didn’t work, something would have replaced it long ago. Even mobile bidding cannot bring the energy to the room like a raised paddle can. As a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite. Mobile bidding is quiet and silent. It also allows attendees to not bid at all or bid or donate at a lower amount. Get attendees and donors excited about what they are doing. Let them have fun. Anyone that mentioned that they are not a fan of an auction will say “it lasted too long”, but no one ever said they didn’t want to have to raise a paddle. Make the raising of a bid paddle significant. Let it bring energy and excitement to your event. In addition I have a way that you can raise $10,000 dollars or more by just using bid paddles at your benefit auction. That will not happen without using a bid paddle.

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