• By Mark
  • September 6, 2023

selecting your Master or mistress of ceremonies

selecting your Master or mistress of ceremonies

selecting your Master or mistress of ceremonies 1024 768 Mark

The selection of who leads and manages your event is important. They have a very important role. The Master or Mistress of Ceremonies is the person who will be the face of your organization or your school for that event. Are you selecting the right person who has genuine, personal interest in your mission? Do they know the work that your organization is doing to create improvements in your community? The person you consider, and ultimately select, doesn’t always have to be a local television celebrity. In present day the local television market is not reporting personal interest stories. Many on-air reporters are unfamiliar with organizations in the community unlike their predecessors. A Master or Mistress of Ceremonies should be interviewed. Your interview would reveal a good fit for your organization and event. A great MC is willing to learn more than the website or an information pamphlet about your organization. They will ask for a tour of your building or campus. They want to learn your programs and get to talk with administrators, residents or participants to get a better understanding of your organization. They must be prepared the night of the event and not just do a last second rush into the door and say “do I have a script? What do you want me to do?” I have conducted hundreds of events over many years as a MC and I always ask to tour the facility and ask permission to speak with caregivers, administration, participants, residents or students. The MC should be well prepared. Select a great Master or Mistress of Ceremonies for your fundraising event.

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