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  • September 6, 2023

do this and generate more money in the live auction

do this and generate more money in the live auction

do this and generate more money in the live auction 768 1024 Mark

Every auction should aim to be a new record for raised funds at the gala. That record will come from strategies and excellent planning. Great live auction packages can fall from the sky once in a while, but most of the time, they come from asking. A lot of asking. You can get an idea of how well a particular package could be in the live auction by asking those who would attended the event. Ask some of your guests if they would be interested in going to a particular destination or engaging in an exciting experience. The key to having record live auctions at fundraisers is having an understanding of the bidders interest. It’s not a guessing game. It is an asking game. What do they want to buy at your event? They’ll tell you if they are looking for something special. Once you get a list of ideas, start seeking out how you can procure some of those packages they want to buy at your auction. Not all the ideas will come to fruition this time, but maybe it will become a package the next year when a new committee member has a connection to that item or package. It happens all the time. Work smarter to understand your supporters and your auctions will be competitive, entertaining and raise much more money.

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