• By Mark
  • January 3, 2022

What Creates HIGH Bidding?

What Creates HIGH Bidding?

What Creates HIGH Bidding? 1024 504 Mark

Every fundraising auction event wants items or packages to go as high as possible. It will only happen when we can create competition between bidders. So, how can we build bidding that raises paddles to higher numbers? Well here is how we generate higher bids.

First we need quality and uniques packages or items. Do not continue to sell the same package year after year, after year after, year after year etc. You get the idea. This particular package or item may be a great sale price for the first two to three years, but the excitement will die out. It always does.

Discover exciting new vacation destinations, life experiences, recently released electronics, concerts or high end sporting events to put in the program to sell in the live auction. The more unique the item or the experience, the better it creates competition in the audience. Strive to procure intriguing live auction packages. Create value to these packages too. Some of the best experience packages that I have sold over the year started with just an idea and we built it into a great package. Find how you can build these unique experiences into something that no one else could build at another fundraising auction. This is what we do to help our clients raise more money.

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