• By Mark
  • January 3, 2022

Why They Will Bid Higher

Why They Will Bid Higher

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So many nonprofits are focused on “how many” live auction items or packages will be in the live auction. That’s fine, but they miss on selecting the quality of the packages. Quality and uniqueness will always drive an exciting and productive live auction. The reason bidders compete in a live auction is because the packages are exciting.

I have spoke with so many live auction bid winners following and event and I have asked them why they bid so high. 99% will say they really wanted the package or item because it was something that they had not seen before. They WANTED IT at any price. This is why Auction brio llc. consults and strategizes with our client about the packages in the live auction. We want our clients to present a unique, interesting and competitive live auction that will not only generate higher dollars, but brings total audience interest in the competitive bidding.

Bidders will always bid higher when you present something fresh and exciting. It could be a trip to a unique part of the world. Or, it could be an experience that only few are really privy to get the chance to participate. It could be having a one-on-one lunch or dinner with a dignitary or celebrity. There are infinite ideas to create something that drives bids before the auction even starts. We make that happen for clients all the time.

Be the leader in your community. Be the event that everyone talks about and has to duplicate. This is what we do for our clients. Let us know what we can do for you.

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