• By Mark
  • March 13, 2020

COVID-19 Suspends Gatherings. Now It Generates Ingenuity

COVID-19 Suspends Gatherings. Now It Generates Ingenuity

COVID-19 Suspends Gatherings. Now It Generates Ingenuity 1024 768 Mark

With governors and mayors across the country banning or restricting pubic gatherings to less than 50 people, it has extinguished a huge number of spring benefit auctions. Non-profit organizations faced an immediate decision to either absorb huge costs by cancelling their event, or getting to work to find a new date months away from their original date. The decision to cancel or reschedule is far from easy for a non-profit that is relying on every dollar from these events. Well, Auction brio has a solution for the fundraising to go on.

Auction brio llc. is being proactive to help our clients keep their much needed fundraising in tact and find ways to reassure supporters that they will still have ways to give to their favorite organizations and schools.

All of us want to use caution at this point, so Auction brio llc.’s Video Production Team will be introducing opportunities of live stream & virtual auction opportunities for raising more money for clients and new customers. This will allow donors to feel safe at their location and it will allow non-profits to raise the money they desperately need to aid their causes. Auction brio’s video team has earned 16 Emmy Awards for broadcast video production. We are experts in video production and we are innovative in our industry to use video production to raise more money in the room and now outside the gala room.

Let Auction brio llc. ease your concerns about your scheduled fundraising auction. With Auction brio llc. the fundraising will go on and conducted in a way that everyone can participate on their phone from home. It is a BIG win for our clients, their generous supporters and for their beneficiaries. Until we gather again on location, we can gather to give in a live stream.

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