• By Mark
  • December 18, 2023

holidays are a gift for nonprofits

holidays are a gift for nonprofits

holidays are a gift for nonprofits 1024 673 Mark

The holidays are a time where my email box and text messages are landing on my computer and phone from many nonprofits who are seeking a donation for Giving Tuesday. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been designated as the day to donate to nonprofit organizations. That one day is a good opportunity to receive a gift from individuals, but monetary gifts can become be a bigger catch in the entire month of December. Many companies are looking at funds that they have remaining that they need to donate prior to December 31st. In addition, companies are evaluating their allotment of money for the 2024 year and who they are lining up with for next years charities. Be smart and line up your organization for an end of the year gift from a generous company. Also, line yourself up for the coming year. Be proactive while others are “waiting for next year.” If your organization works hard in the last month of the year, you can discover a reward when others have turned off the ask and will make it harder on themselves for next year.

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