• By Mark
  • December 18, 2023

can you sell that at a benefit auction?

can you sell that at a benefit auction?

can you sell that at a benefit auction? 765 1024 Mark

The list of what is illegal and cannot be sold at an auction is longer than you’d imagine. Most of the time it does not pertain to a benefit auction, but there are laws that must be followed. Always discuss this with your licensed auctioneer and when in doubt, check with state officials to see if the item is allowed to be sold. Do not discover a problem after selling it. As I mentioned in the brioBlast, I sold a cemetery plot at a benefit auction. Yes, it was legal to sell in that state. It was likely the most unique item that I have ever sold in an auction, but it was fun to sell it in a package with skydiving. Remember, alcohol, tobacco and firearms are the most regulated items in the United States. There are hundreds of laws regarding them and you must know if it can legally be sold in your auction. You may need to obtain a license in order to sell it legally. Many years ago I was approached by a donor who wanted to donate a box of Cuban cigars for me to auction off in the live auction. I asked the donor where he got them. He said he “brought them over from Canada.” I say “brought? Did you declare them at the border?” I knew what his answer was going to be. He said “no.” I responded, “of course, because if you did, the cigars would have been confiscated.” It is still illegal to sell Cuban cigars in the USA so I told the donor and the client that we cannot sell these at auction. The topic rarely comes up because many items that are illegal to sell in an auction usually do not apply to a benefit auction. The one item that can come up is an automobile. A new or pre-owned car can be sold at a benefit auction. There must be clear title and there should be cautionary measures taken to ensure condition and safety of the automobile. Always use your du diligence before marketing or selling a particular item. You may discover that it is illegal to sell.

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