• By Mark
  • May 26, 2021

2021 Benefit Auctions Raising Hundreds of Thousands More In Funds.

2021 Benefit Auctions Raising Hundreds of Thousands More In Funds.

I have heard it all. From virtual fatigue, to no one has money, to no one will attend a virtual auction or an in-person benefit auction due to restrictions. Well, you are completely wrong!

As of this writing, I have conducted five benefit auctions 2021 and all of them have far exceeded expectations. They have raised more money in the tens of thousands and my last benefit auction in May raised over $375,000 more than two years ago for the same event. As a matter of fact, it was the best ever auction in the over 50 year history of the auction! People are giving and they are enjoying doing so whether virtually or in person as we are able to assemble in large numbers again.

Do not be caught up in the negativity that someone else’s benefit was a flop. That does not mean your benefit fundraiser will be a flop. When you team with me and Auction brio, you will see how we elevate benefit auctions through entertainment for your supporters and most importantly how we integrate fun and fundraising strategies. Make your benefit auction the one of envy and raises tens to hundreds of thousands more in generous donated dollars.

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