Silver & Black Give Back, San Antonio, TX
April 18, 2016

Mark Schroeder was our auctioneer for the San Antonio Spurs season Silver & Black Give Back post-game jersey auction, taking place at the AT&T Center. This year’s auction garnered a record setting $186,000 for the youth programs supported by the nonprofit for Spurs Sports & Entertainment.

Mark was invested in the success of the auction, taking the time to learn about our work in the community and the Spurs’ work on and off the court. He was responsive and respectful to our audience of approximately 150 people.

spursHe is a professional auctioneer in every sense of the term. You can expect to sign a contract and pay for his services. He will provide you with an extensive proposal and will be an active member of your committee, if that is what you’d like. Although we have limited experience in working with Mark only as a live auctioneer, he has additional auction services, including silent auction management that you may also find interesting.

Check out this quick promo video from the event that Mark helped us with.

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