Antonian Heritage Gala
April 18, 2016

Mark Schroeder of Auction Brio helped to make our first Antonian Heritage Gala in 2010 an extreme success! As our auction consultant he helped steer our committee in the right direction during the time leading up to our gala. Not only was he always available to consult with us but he gave us the information we needed to get the most from the event. The first Antonian Heritage Gala raised over $100,000. Mark’s superb auction skills were the reason! He was so very engaging with the crowd, he planned the live auction in a way that kept everyone’s attention and he worked the crowd to maximize the amount taken for each item. I was amazed to see that no one got up to leave during the 2 hour auction! In these economic times it is important that we use every option available to increase profit for our school and that is why Mark will be our Auction Consultant and Auctioneer for the 2nd annual Antonian Heritage Gala to be held on September 17th, 2011. Not only do I recommend Mark Schroeder and Auction Brio to anyone who is having an event, I tell them they are going to lose a precious opportunity to raise more money if they do not hire him!

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    How do we make more money?We need to change auctioneers.Our auctions run too long.People leave too early.We are not reaching our goals.We need to spice up our auction.This is our first live auction.
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