Streaming Your Virtual Event Live

Where the pre-produced event is a safety net to make sure that all goes right, the live event can be a wild card. Now, you may say to me that you were conducting a live event with a thousand people in the room and all went pretty well. Yes, that may be true, but that…

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Pre-production Can Eliminate Some Virtual Issues

Having been in broadcast television for 23 years, I know what the benefits are to pre-producing a show. First, let me explain what a pre-produced show actually means. Pre-produced is really a recorded show prior to the time it would air. So you would record the entire show on Friday for it to run on…

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You are on the clock for :45 virtual minutes

Over the last five months there have been many virtual galas taking place around the country. Most are discovering on the fly what the difference is from conducting their first “virtual” streaming event and the traditional venue gala. The primary discovery is that trying to bring the traditional three to four hour virtual event is…

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Ask Now Or The Hill Will Turn Into a Steep Mountain Climb

We have nearly experienced 60-days of stay in place but that should not have made your organization stay in place when it came to asking for donor support. If your organization has decided that it is too sensitive to ask for support it will be climbing a big hill and if it continues to not…

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COVID-19 Makes the Need for Nonprofits Greater

Everyone has been effected by the abrupt stoppage of life’s freedoms by this potentially deadly coronavirus. Nonprofit organizations have postponed or rescheduled their large money generating event for months down the road. But there is a problem. Money is needed now. Nonprofits are seeking alternative ways to raise money right now. What really is the…

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Professional Auctioneers Care for Nonprofits During COVID-19

Last week benefit auctioneers and clients hustled to keep clients events moving forward. Personally, I was up at 5am and ending my days at 2am the next morning to assist Auction brio llc. clients with hour by hour adjustments. Many of us had clients who had events coming up within the next 24-72 hours of…

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COVID-19 Suspends Gatherings. Now It Generates Ingenuity

With governors and mayors across the country banning or restricting pubic gatherings to less than 50 people, it has extinguished a huge number of spring benefit auctions. Non-profit organizations faced an immediate decision to either absorb huge costs by cancelling their event, or getting to work to find a new date months away from their…

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The Royal Evening’s Crowning Moment

How can you add value to auction packages? I have earned multiple broadcast Emmy Awards for video production and clever videos add value to the auction. Auction brio llc. encouraged CVCA to video for entertainment and for value. They did it and it was a feature of the evening. The videos engaged the audience and…

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CAN Council Mardi Gras Raises New Record Funds

The annual Mardi Gras auction in Saginaw, Michigan is the largest fundraising event for the CAN Council of the Great Lakes Bay Region and it is also one of the most popular events in the Tri-City area. The event is always held on the last Thursday in February and no matter the weather in Mid-Michigan,…

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The Samaritan Inn 2020 Gala

The Samaritan Inn in McKinney, Texas provides hope for the homeless. On the night of this fundraising event, 180 people, 70 which are children were residents of the Inn. This annual gala was a collection of generous and caring people of the McKinney community who supported their needing neighbors. The live auction and the Fund-a-Need…

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