Prediction Of Top Sellers 2023

Prediction Of Top Sellers 2023 1024 843 Mark

What are you procuring for your fundraising auction this year? Will the live auction look just like last years live auction with the same items and packages? Maybe you’ll just add one or two new ones, but basically it’ll be predictably, the same. This plan is a not going to help you raise more money…

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Failure To Strategize Your Auction

Failure To Strategize Your Auction 1024 763 Mark

There are many reasons for auctions that do not raise as much as “hoped” or “expected”. One of the key reasons is because there was no strategy planned and applied that would have raised more money. It was “just throw it out there and lets hope it goes for a big amount.” That could get…

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Why Did It Sell For So MUCH

Why Did It Sell For So MUCH 1024 676 Mark

What makes bidders celebrate like they are in the photo? It’s the thrill of winning a competitive bidding frenzy and the elation of being the winner! A long time ago at a small town benefit auction, I had a figurine that I started the bidding at $200 dollars. I could not get a single bid…

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What Live Auction Items Sells Best At Benefits

What Live Auction Items Sells Best At Benefits 1024 679 Mark

Im my initial conversation with a prospective client, I will ask them how they procure their live auction items or packages. Many will answer that whatever they get donated, they will decide if it is worthy of the live auction or just put it into the silent auction. This really is not the approach that…

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Top 15 Best Sellers Of 2022

Top 15 Best Sellers Of 2022 809 1024 Mark

It doesn’t matter what community, city or state these items were sold in, they were just a few of the best of the best sold in Auction brio llc. auctions in 2022. You may not know the band Jedi Mind Trip but this group is huge in the area where they play and they are…

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The Most Anticipated brioBlast Of The Year

The Most Anticipated brioBlast Of The Year 1024 680 Mark

Some of the most frequent questions that I am asked by a client is “what items or packages have sold best at your live auctions this year?” So for seventeen years, I have sent an email blast highlighting the Top 15 best selling live auction packages from the current year. These are not only packages…

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A Second Dance At Life

A Second Dance At Life 1024 768 Mark

The pandemic really stung the Transplant House of Cleveland, Ohio. Their last benefit auction that was held to raise funds was their Second Dance At Life Gala in 2018. Transplant House gives transplant recipients and their families a place to stay while awaiting an organ transplant at either University Hospital or the Cleveland Clinic. Due…

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The Trust

The Trust 1024 796 Mark

Trust is a must. It has to happen between the auctioneer and the client and between the client and the auctioneer. Our clients trust that I will do my best to present strategies to help engage supporters so they will give and give more than they originally intended to give. There are always new and…

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The Strategy

The Strategy 1024 683 Mark

What excites a donor or a bidder to raise their paddle at an auction? Is it the item or the package? Is it the cause? Is it because the bidder just wants to have fun participating in the auction? It is all of them. In my study I have uncovered the reasons that bidders participate…

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39, 38, 36 And 35

39, 38, 36 And 35 900 600 Mark

Can there be anything more fun at a benefit auction than watching bidders and donors raise their paddles to compete with each other and be in the spirit of giving to their favorite nonprofit organization or school? Supporters by the hundreds and even the thousands attend benefit auctions for the fun of the event and…

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