Frankie Avalon Announces $1.55 Million Raised

The greatest moment of a gala is the announcement of the amount of money that has been raised by that night’s fundraising auctions. On Saturday, March 26th, 2022 the Catholic Community Foundation held its magnificent Alleluia Ball in Cleveland, Ohio. The sold out crowd raised their paddles for a competitive live auction and they were…

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What Is Cryptocurrency? Should Your Nonprofit Accept it?

Since being introduced in 2009, cryptocurrency has been confusing to most people. However thirteen years later millions of people have jumped into it. It is real? Or is it fake currency? The fact is, there are donors who are now willing to make their donation to your organization by doing it through a cryptocurrency. What…

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Do Games Matter At Benefit Auctions?

There are components to a benefit auction that truly matter. When you engage your guests, you will raise the amount of money you desire for that event. The first component is to run your event on-time. Have a tight run-of-show and stay on the times your run-of-show tells you. Start and finish on that particular…

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Then There Were None

That was quick wasn’t it? Virtual events were created within days of the lockdown in 2020 and for me, they were “virtually” gone in under a year. In 2021, I had two virtual and one hybrid. All the others were in-person events. In 2022, I have no virtual streamed benefit events and not a single…

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This Is Why I Raise More Money

At this writing, I have raised more than $132.8 million dollars for nonprofit organizations and learning institutions. That is quite a number. I am very proud to have that number associated with my clients and my benefit auction company, Auction brio llc. It’s exciting knowing that each auction I conduct will only raise the total.…

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What Do They Want?

One of the first questions that I am asked by a prospective or existing client is, “what is selling for BIG money?” That could be anything. It doesn’t have to be a new car or an exotic vacation or a dinner with a famous chef. Honestly, it all depends on what YOUR supporters like to…

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$485 Billion Given To Charities in ’21

In 2021, there were a number of states that busted out of the restricted numbers of assembly. Some organizations and schools missed on the opportunity to have an event in-person or they went virtual on their event to try and raise money. For those who tried, many were not only successful, but they raised more…

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Auction brio Helps Three Clients Raise Over $2.26 Million

No one has to be reminded of the high costs of living and doing business right now, but one thing that has gone up and everyone is happy for is the generosity of donors. 2021 was the biggest year ever for nonprofit organizations as Americans gave over $485 billion dollars to charities! That is an…

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The Power Of Their Money

How many times has your organization or learning institution personally notified a donor of how their money impacted a specific ask? Have you ever called or met with donors to inform them what the power of their money has done to create a new program, or sustain or improve a person’s life, or bought a…

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