The Strategy

What excites a donor or a bidder to raise their paddle at an auction? Is it the item or the package? Is it the cause? Is it because the bidder just wants to have fun participating in the auction? It is all of them. In my study I have uncovered the reasons that bidders participate…

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39, 38, 36 And 35

Can there be anything more fun at a benefit auction than watching bidders and donors raise their paddles to compete with each other and be in the spirit of giving to their favorite nonprofit organization or school? Supporters by the hundreds and even the thousands attend benefit auctions for the fun of the event and…

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Raise Their Paddle Once, They’ll Raise It Again And Again

Can you get donors and bidders to raise their paddles multiple times? Of course! I get bidders to do it all the time. I have done my due diligence on this and experimented a bit to discover what motivates bidders and donors to do so. Every one of my clients benefits from my strategy to…

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Why Would Any Nonprofit Want To Raise LESS Money?

This month, I have had two conversations with potential clients and both of them had concerns about what they deemed would be issues for their event. First, they believed that no one was going to show up to their event. It wasn’t due to COVID concerns; it was concerns that we are in a recession.…

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Cryptocurrency – The Pros

What is cryptocurrency? It is digital currency which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than a centralized authority. Got that? You probably don’t really get it. Most haven’t, though millions have and are investing in it. Here is what you need to understand. There are some donors who…

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Cryptocurrency – The Risks

Some risks are bigger than others right? Nothing is more solid than a cash donation. As we know, there are options in payments of donations. Some like to pay with personal check or a foundation check. I have had donors that have donated stock to my clients. Some use their credit card and others are…

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Frankie Avalon Announces $1.55 Million Raised

The greatest moment of a gala is the announcement of the amount of money that has been raised by that night’s fundraising auctions. On Saturday, March 26th, 2022 the Catholic Community Foundation held its magnificent Alleluia Ball in Cleveland, Ohio. The sold out crowd raised their paddles for a competitive live auction and they were…

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What Is Cryptocurrency? Should Your Nonprofit Accept it?

Since being introduced in 2009, cryptocurrency has been confusing to most people. However thirteen years later millions of people have jumped into it. It is real? Or is it fake currency? The fact is, there are donors who are now willing to make their donation to your organization by doing it through a cryptocurrency. What…

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Do Games Matter At Benefit Auctions?

There are components to a benefit auction that truly matter. When you engage your guests, you will raise the amount of money you desire for that event. The first component is to run your event on-time. Have a tight run-of-show and stay on the times your run-of-show tells you. Start and finish on that particular…

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