Do games work?

Do games work? 1024 768 Mark

Has your benefit auction held a game that had guests participate in it to win a prize? How did it go? Was it magnificent? Did a good number of guests participate? Did you raise a ton of money? In my experiences with games at events these things can happen. Games take a lot of time…

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this is why R&D is not a benefit to your fundraising

this is why R&D is not a benefit to your fundraising 1024 617 Mark

The best clients and the best benefit auctions always have original live auction packages in their events. When a guest opens the evening’s program and looks over the live auction packages, there should be a wow factor reaction. There should be a moment of “wow, where did they get this?” This is what drives guests…

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The ALEXANDER House 1024 768 Mark

The Alexander House of Bulverde, Texas had never hired a licensed professional benefit auctioneer. Auction brio was recommended to them after their 2022 fundraising event. I was contacted with just two months prior to the event in August of 2023. We got together quickly after signing the agreement and I discovered how they help save…

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The Samaritan Inn

The Samaritan Inn 1024 768 Mark

The Samaritan Inn in McKinney, Texas provides hope for the homeless. The fundraising at this event directly impacts 180 residents. 70 of those residents are children of the Inn. This annual gala was a collection of generous and caring people of the McKinney community who supported their needing neighbors. The live auction and the Fund-a-Need…

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THIS Is What They Want To Give To

THIS Is What They Want To Give To 1024 679 Mark

There are an abundance of industries of interest to donors, but here are the main industries:(Donorbox 2023, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy News) 1) Religious organizations – receive the most charitable donations. 32% of all donations. 2) Human Services – 12% of all donations. Gen X is very passionate about Human Services. 3)…

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Average Gross Income Donors

Average Gross Income Donors 1024 768 Mark

Most believe that you need to have people in the room that have big dollars to give to the organization. Yes, that is true. It is also true that those who make only $15,000 a year in average gross income make a significant average donation to charities per year. Your organization would accept $1,471.00 dollars…

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Breaking Down Who Gives The Most In 2023

Breaking Down Who Gives The Most In 2023 1024 685 Mark

There is nothing more valuable to a nonprofit organization than to discover who the most generous donors are and how much do they give on average to charity organizations. We are sharing the most up to date research is available in the Auction brio llc. blog. Here are the providers of the research: Donorbox Organization,…

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Giving Is On The Rise. The Stats Back This Fact

Giving Is On The Rise. The Stats Back This Fact 1024 682 Mark

Nothing costs the same as it did a year ago. Not the venue, not the caterer, not the musicians and I would bet not the licensed professional auctioneer. Inflation has effected all aspects of your benefit fundraiser. However, there is one important factor in all the rise of pricing. It is the rise of generosity…

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Recovering From a Poor Auction

Recovering From a Poor Auction 1024 766 Mark

How does your event rebound from a poor event that was conducted in the previous year? That event could have run into a number of problems and it wasn’t just raising less money. Do not dwell on the past event, focus on what you will do to create a great fundraising event again this year.…

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Do We Need An Auction Chair

Do We Need An Auction Chair 1024 683 Mark

The role of an auction chair is very important to a benefit auction fundraiser. Most auction chairs are selected because they are passionate about an organization’s mission or the learning institution. Auction chairs also do something very beneficial. They bring money with them. It is really that simple. In conducting hundreds of benefit auctions, I…

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