• By Mark
  • September 6, 2023

this is why R&D is not a benefit to your fundraising

this is why R&D is not a benefit to your fundraising

this is why R&D is not a benefit to your fundraising 1024 617 Mark

The best clients and the best benefit auctions always have original live auction packages in their events. When a guest opens the evening’s program and looks over the live auction packages, there should be a wow factor reaction. There should be a moment of “wow, where did they get this?” This is what drives guests to bid more and for others who want to watch, be entertained by the live auction’s action. It may be tempting to rip-off and duplicate someone else’s packages that you saw or heard sold well at another auction. However, that auction is totally different than yours and nothing guarantees that you can procure that same package and have the bidders who can spend big money. Always use original ideas. Create packages that your supporters want to buy. Know your audience. I have one client who knows their audience very well. Their live auction contains trips. Just vacation trips. 15 of them. Because that is what their supporters want to bid on at the event. Be original and don’t be R&D. Let others be so impressed with your event that they want to rip-off and duplicate your auctions and event.

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