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  • August 8, 2023



The ALEXANDER House 1024 768 Mark

The Alexander House of Bulverde, Texas had never hired a licensed professional benefit auctioneer. Auction brio was recommended to them after their 2022 fundraising event. I was contacted with just two months prior to the event in August of 2023. We got together quickly after signing the agreement and I discovered how they help save struggling marriages with their dynamic programs. They are so good, that they boast a 98% success rate to saving marriages. I suggested two dynamic strategies that would help them raise more money prior to the event and at the event. They had to trust what I was telling them and watch it all work. These two strategies would help them raise tens of thousands more dollars. Prior to the day of the event, they had already procured more money than they raised at last years event with 900 attendees. This one strategy set up the day of the event as almost a bonus for funds. With just under 300 people attending this event, Auction brio strategies helped The Alexander House raise tens of thousands more dollars than they raised the year before. We raised more dollars with 600 less people! “We have never raised that amount of money at an event before.” That was the takeaway quote from the Denim & Diamonds event. This is what we are doing to others, now discover how much more money we can raise for your organization or learning institution.

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