• By Mark
  • March 29, 2023

Breaking Down Who Gives The Most In 2023

Breaking Down Who Gives The Most In 2023

Breaking Down Who Gives The Most In 2023 1024 685 Mark

There is nothing more valuable to a nonprofit organization than to discover who the most generous donors are and how much do they give on average to charity organizations. We are sharing the most up to date research is available in the Auction brio llc. blog. Here are the providers of the research: Donorbox Organization, National Philanthropic Trust, Define Financial and Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy News.

So here are some highlights of specific statistics that will open your opportunities to seek donors in these categories.

1) Millennials84% donated to charities. The ave. gift was $481.00. 55% attend fundraising events.

2) Gen X59% donate to charity. The ave. donation is $723.00.

3) Baby Boomers43% provide of all donations made. 72% donate annually. Annual gift ave. $1,212.00.

4) Silent Generation – Just 11% of population but 88% give to charity. Annual gift ave. $1,367.00.

5) Gen Z – will represent 82-million people by 2026. They are passionate advocates on social issues.

    6) Religious giving is lower today than it was during the Great Depression.

    7) Seven of the top ten states for charitable giving are located in the south.

    8) The least likely to give is the person looking for a tax break.

    9) Adults are more likely to give to charity if their parents gave to charities.

    10) Giving by bequest declined by 7.3%.

    There are many more statistics that I will share on my brioBlasts in the coming months. Information like this is so valuable to nonprofit organization and we are happy to share them with you. Contact Mark to help your organization or learning institution raise more money.

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