• By Mark
  • March 28, 2023

Giving Is On The Rise. The Stats Back This Fact

Giving Is On The Rise. The Stats Back This Fact

Giving Is On The Rise. The Stats Back This Fact 1024 682 Mark

Nothing costs the same as it did a year ago. Not the venue, not the caterer, not the musicians and I would bet not the licensed professional auctioneer. Inflation has effected all aspects of your benefit fundraiser. However, there is one important factor in all the rise of pricing. It is the rise of generosity by donors. It’s true, giving is up and your organization or learning institution should be on the receiving end of that generosity. In the most current statistic, giving to charities in the United States for the year 2021 was $487.25 billion (National Philanthropic Trust). That is a one year record for giving.

It will be no surprise to me that when the new statistics come out for 2022 in late summer 2023, that giving totals will rise again. It is no secret that of the $1.7 million charity organizations in the United States, corporate, foundation and individual giving has increased significantly each year with individuals giving the most with over 80% of individuals giving to charities (Define Financial).

Team up with your donors. Invest in the future by introducing your mission to the next generation of generous donors. This is what we do to introduce strategies to our clients. We are not simply a bid calling benefit auction company. We deliver money generating ideas to help our clients raise more money each year. Contact Mark on the contact page on this site and discover how we can help you raise more money in a very giving year of 2023.

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