• By Mark
  • January 11, 2023

Prediction Of Top Sellers 2023

Prediction Of Top Sellers 2023

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What are you procuring for your fundraising auction this year? Will the live auction look just like last years live auction with the same items and packages? Maybe you’ll just add one or two new ones, but basically it’ll be predictably, the same. This plan is a not going to help you raise more money in 2023.

I had to the opportunity to auction a week vacation at the home of the great American Playwright, Tennessee Williams. His home is located on the private and exclusive Fisher Island in Florida. The first year it sold for $38,000 dollars. The next year it sold for $32,000. The third year it sold for $18,000 dollars. Now $18,000 dollars is nothing to be upset about, but when three years earlier it was being sold for $38,000 dollars, it is beginning to lose it’s luster. I asked my client to ask the owner to refrain from putting it in the auction for a year or two then bring it back into the live auction. The owner agreed based upon the drop in sale price of $20,000 dollars. The following 2-years guests asked about the Tennessee Williams home. It was doing just what I wanted. It was building value again. Two years later we brought the home back and it sold for $32,000 dollars.

What will be this years Top Sellers? Anyone who is subscribing to the brioBlast has seen my list so sign up to receive the brioBlast. You can do so on my contact page of the auction brio website. For the curious looking for ideas there is a course that you want to follow to ensure that you’ll have one of the top selling live auction packages or items for the year.

Be fresh, creative, fun and exciting. Each package or item in the live auction should bring a wow factor. Yes it can be done and especially if you are planning your event months in advance of the event date. You do not necessarily need connections to get the big packages, though landing a Tennessee Williams home, yes you so. But, you should be creative and original. Those really are the packages that bring in the most money at charity auctions. Who knows? Maybe it will be this pictured house boat.

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