• By Mark
  • January 11, 2023

Do We Need An Auction Chair

Do We Need An Auction Chair

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The role of an auction chair is very important to a benefit auction fundraiser. Most auction chairs are selected because they are passionate about an organization’s mission or the learning institution. Auction chairs also do something very beneficial. They bring money with them. It is really that simple.

In conducting hundreds of benefit auctions, I really have only had two clients that did not have a chair for an event. Honestly, they missed out on bring in new donors, bidders and introducing their mission to a new audience. They also missed out on sponsorships, table sales and donated items. They missed out on donations to their Fund-a-Need. Let me be more lucid and explain why those clients missed out on big money.

Auction chairs bring friends with them. It is almost an automatic that chairs will have tables filled with friends who attend your event solely because they are supporting their friend, your auction chair. They will spend thousands of dollars on all the things I mentioned above. In addition, this is a wonderful opportunity for your organization to gain new supporters. You have an opportunity to introduce your programs and missions to first time attendees who may not know a thing about your organization. This has the potential to bring on numbers of new supporters who will open new fundraising opportunities for your organization. Why would an organization or learning institution miss out on this chance?

Take the time to wisely choose and recruit an auction chair. They are within your support date base, you just have to reach out to them and support them. Even if they have never chaired an auction before, make this a great event to work on. Bring yourselves together and include your benefit auctioneer and become a team that helps your organization raise record funds.

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