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  • December 15, 2022

What Live Auction Items Sells Best At Benefits

What Live Auction Items Sells Best At Benefits

What Live Auction Items Sells Best At Benefits 1024 679 Mark

Im my initial conversation with a prospective client, I will ask them how they procure their live auction items or packages. Many will answer that whatever they get donated, they will decide if it is worthy of the live auction or just put it into the silent auction. This really is not the approach that will help your auction raise more money each year. There is a strategy to helping yourself and to creating an opportunity to raise more money in your live auction. The best way to raise more money is to discover what your supporters and bidders want to buy. We help clients recognize what their bidders are going to bid on and how they will raise their paddles multiple times to create frenzy bidding.

What sells best isn’t necessarily a high valued package, it is the package or item that presents the best value or uniqueness to the bidder. If your audience cannot afford a $10,000 trip to Greece there is no sense in presenting that to your audience. However when you discover what could drive your bidders to raise their paddles two or three times per person, they will drive the bid prices higher.

We help you discover how to learn your audience and what they want to bid on at your live auction. It will raise you more money. Contract with Mark Schroeder CAI, BAS, CES and Auction brio llc.

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