• By Mark
  • September 20, 2022

The Strategy

The Strategy

The Strategy 1024 683 Mark

What excites a donor or a bidder to raise their paddle at an auction? Is it the item or the package? Is it the cause? Is it because the bidder just wants to have fun participating in the auction? It is all of them. In my study I have uncovered the reasons that bidders participate in a live auction and the Fund-a-Need. However the real question is would a supporter be willing to raise their paddle more than once to give multiple times? Many people would say that once a donor gives once, that is it. Well, that is not true. I experimented with that question and I discovered that the amount of times that a donor will raise their paddle to participate or give is unlimited. Supporters of your organization or learning institution will raise their paddle multiple times but there is a strategy to making this work. It is not a trick or a game. It happens with a planned strategy and I have helped my clients raise over $132.8 million dollars by implementing this strategy.

How does it all come together to get numerous supporters to raise their paddles multiple times at one event? That is the strategy and I have it ready for you when we team up for your event to raise more money. Contact me and discover the money that will increase your raised funds.

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