• By Mark
  • September 20, 2022

Raise Their Paddle Once, They’ll Raise It Again And Again

Raise Their Paddle Once, They’ll Raise It Again And Again

Raise Their Paddle Once, They’ll Raise It Again And Again 866 1024 Mark

Can you get donors and bidders to raise their paddles multiple times? Of course! I get bidders to do it all the time. I have done my due diligence on this and experimented a bit to discover what motivates bidders and donors to do so. Every one of my clients benefits from my strategy to engage donors and bidders so they raise their paddles multiple times in both the live auction and the Fund-a-Need auction. Each benefit auction that I conduct has team meetings with the client so I discover what will engage their supporters to pay attention to the auctions, compete in them and be entertained while doing so. By working with my clients months in advance of their event, I ascertain what a group of supporters for that particular event will enjoy while participating in a the auctions.

A prospective client may have attended one of my events, or I was recommended to them. One of the first questions to me will be, “how did you get donors to give money multiple times at the event?” That is an easy question for me to answer. I always respond that it doesn’t just happen, it is a strategy that I apply upon learning more about your supporters. I put in the work to be the best agent possible for your organization. When I am on stage, I am prepared and confident that we will have supporters raising their paddles more times than they expected to do so that night. And they do it.

Contact me and lets raise more money together. We’ll do it with supporters raising they paddles again and again.

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