• By Mark
  • September 20, 2022

39, 38, 36 And 35

39, 38, 36 And 35

39, 38, 36 And 35 900 600 Mark

Can there be anything more fun at a benefit auction than watching bidders and donors raise their paddles to compete with each other and be in the spirit of giving to their favorite nonprofit organization or school? Supporters by the hundreds and even the thousands attend benefit auctions for the fun of the event and to support the cause. They love you and that is why they attend. It is also why I have had donors raise their paddles 39, 38, 36 and 35 times to donate with each raise of their paddle! When I team up with a client, we apply when the donors want the nonprofit to do with their money and we pursue it to raise more money. After years of conducting benefits I have uncovered the secret to getting donors and bidders to give more and raise their paddles multiple times at an event. Each benefit auction that I conduct, I insert a strategy that bonds the door to the mission of the organization. I make a direct correlation between the donor and the cause. For example, we know that every attendee to your event is coming with expectations to give a donation or to participate n the auction. So when you give them a reason to give, they will not only give once, but they will give multiple times. Every benefit auction I conduct has numbers people to give multiple times. I have the strategy, they supporters give happily and my clients benefit from the generosity of more paddles raised for record sums.

Discover how we can help you raise more paddles for more donations at your event. Contact me now so we can get one of your donors to raise their paddle more than 39 times and make a donation with each raise of their paddle!

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