• By Mark
  • August 16, 2022

Why Would Any Nonprofit Want To Raise LESS Money?

Why Would Any Nonprofit Want To Raise LESS Money?

Why Would Any Nonprofit Want To Raise LESS Money? 1024 766 Mark

This month, I have had two conversations with potential clients and both of them had concerns about what they deemed would be issues for their event. First, they believed that no one was going to show up to their event. It wasn’t due to COVID concerns; it was concerns that we are in a recession. Secondly, they were concerned that if they did show up, attendees would not have any money to give to them for their cause. One of these organizations was actually cutting their goal for the live auction and for their Fund-a-Need by tens of thousands of dollars! This event was normally a 1,000 plus in attendance but they were going to cut back to 800 to attend. Woah! Stop right there!

Why would any nonprofit ever look to raise less money? I have not had an event in 2022 that has not been sold out. Supporters of organizations and their events have shown up to the maximum number allotted. Secondly, they have given to a record amount of funds, spending generously in the live auction and paddles raised high in the air to be counted to a record total of money raised for the organization.

I was told, “we expect we will not raise as much as we did last year.” Why would any nonprofit think that way? Due to inflation; you WILL have a far more costly event than a year ago. How will you make up those costs? Setting the goal tens of thousands of dollars less is setting up a really bad event financially. How will these organizations provide the needed services in the community? The demand for more assistance grows with each day.

Expect success. People come to your fundraising auction for two reasons and the first is because they love you. They want you to succeed to continue services that you are providing to the community. They spend money in fun and they raise their paddles in love of what you are in your mission and what you do for people. If you believe in your supporters, they will believe in you. Expect less and you will always get less and your organization will never be able to help those who need you most.

Contact me and I will team up with you to help you raise more money. I have raised over $132.8 million dollars for nonprofit organizations across the USA. Discover how we can raise more money for your nonprofit.

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