• By Mark
  • July 12, 2022

Do Games Matter At Benefit Auctions?

Do Games Matter At Benefit Auctions?

Do Games Matter At Benefit Auctions? 1024 685 Mark

There are components to a benefit auction that truly matter. When you engage your guests, you will raise the amount of money you desire for that event. The first component is to run your event on-time. Have a tight run-of-show and stay on the times your run-of-show tells you. Start and finish on that particular segment’s time. Secondly, you must find a way to keep your guests interested in the event. Entertainment will do that as long as it is compelling. Third, that entertainment should have some audience engagement. Fourth, you bond the audience to your mission and lastly, they will give more money than what they to give when walked into the event.

So are games what engage and audience? It can be, yes. Games are fun to play and do raise money. How much depends of doing the math to get to the amount you want raised. The downside to games is that they take a lot of time to play. That can run long and bore a great number of your attendees. I am not against games. I have used them in the past but I have done them in a “frenzy” style of play. This is something that I originated to create urgency to spend money and participate in the game. The game itself takes about seven minutes to play and have a winner or winners. I like multiple winners because it helps with odds of winning for the participants.

Heads and tails has been a popular game to play at an event. It is fun, but it takes a long time to play it and honestly, in my opinion, it has run its course. There are other games that you can introduce to your event that everyone else isn’t doing. You are a unique event so make it the event that everyone wants to talk about because your game is fresh and fun to play.

I think playing a game does matter at certain events. There are events that games are perfect for an audience. I think there are other events that games don’t fit. That’s ok. Not even event needs a game but events do need entertainment and engagement. This is why I have strategized to present original ideas to help my clients raise more money and to keep supporters happy and enjoying the event. Happy people give and unhappy leave early. Contact Mark at Auction brio and team-up with him to raise more funds.

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