• By Mark
  • July 6, 2022

This Is Why I Raise More Money

This Is Why I Raise More Money

This Is Why I Raise More Money 958 882 Mark

At this writing, I have raised more than $132.8 million dollars for nonprofit organizations and learning institutions. That is quite a number. I am very proud to have that number associated with my clients and my benefit auction company, Auction brio llc. It’s exciting knowing that each auction I conduct will only raise the total.

When interviewed, I am asked “how do you raise more money?” I do it by becoming the best agent for your organization or school. I listen to the mission of the organization or the pride of the school. I walk the halls of schools, talk with teachers, administrators and even students to get the feel of the education and spirit of the students, faculty and parents. For an organization, I ask about the programs that are offered to help people. I ask to visit the residents or participants and to get an understanding of what the organization does to care for human lives. By understanding what the nonprofit stands for, I am not an outsider asking for money, I am a member of the school or organization that understands what donor funds can do to enhance education opportunities and for programs or tools that can help people. I am the benefit auctioneer that bonds donors and bidders with the impact of their money and the organization or school.

After listening to what has worked or not worked in the past, I discover from the client what has been missing to help raise money prior to and at the event. I implement strategies that will raise more money while providing entertaining and engaging ways for supporters to participate. I do this by teaming up months and even years in advance of the event. With my strategies and enough lead time, clients have raised the goal amount months in advance of the event. The event becomes bonus funds!

I get involved because it is essential to do so. It doesn’t matter if you are located in another state, becoming part of the team binds me to the bidders and to clients. I raise more because I engage myself in understanding the mission of my clients. I am introduced to the student’s education and miracles that are performed by organizations.

Let me team up with you for your next benefit auction. Call or email one of my past clients. All of them hired me for the first time and they discovered that they not only hired an auctioneer, but they hired a team member that will be with them for decades to come.

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