• By Mark
  • August 24, 2021

Make Your Sponsorship Standout

Make Your Sponsorship Standout

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In has been my experience with first time clients that their sponsorships are more a money grab for the moment, than a planned strategy for repeat business and a bonding opportunity for years to come. I am hear to tell you, do not miss on this opportunity to tandem this ride.

Sponsors are hounded by requests nearly every single day by organizations and learning institutions asking to team with them for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for an event or a cause. Your organization must be better than just a “gimme” or “we need”. This is a relationship building opportunity to create a bond that can last years and generate tens or hundreds of thousands of additional dollars for your organization. How are you creating your sponsorship opportunities to standout?

We instruct our clients to create fresh ideas to partner with sponsors. That happens by being original and engaging the potential sponsor with the mission and the impact of your organization with the community. Your sponsors are likely in your community so they are more willing to listen to your impact on the area. How do you do this? It is not a single ask or a single conversation. I don’t know of anyone who married someone in a first meeting, twenty minute conversation. It has taken time and trust for that proposal of marriage take place. Earn their trust.

Our clients have found wonderful new sponsors and they have received elevated giving from loyal sponsors because they have learned from us how to initiate and build a standout sponsorship relationship. There is a key ingredient that will bond that partnership for a long, long, time but to learn that, you need to get the initial meeting with me and Auction brio llc. Make your sponsorship standout and contact us to help you raise more money for your organization or learning institution.

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