• By Mark
  • July 9, 2021

When you do THIS…your auction raises THOUSANDS MORE!

When you do THIS…your auction raises THOUSANDS MORE!

When you do THIS…your auction raises THOUSANDS MORE! 1024 764 Mark

Auction brio llc’s business model is teaming up with our client and its mission. We are all-in to help raise more money for nonprofits through sponsorships, underwriting, consultation, auctions and most importantly, through money generating creative strategies. How do you strategize for your money raising? Are you taking the same approach each year or are you evaluating each fundraiser and applying new strategies to engage your donors and receive more money?

The best way to raise more money is to inject proven strategies before your event so your committee can execute them effectively. Strategies are applied to all aspects of your event and money raising. The run of show needs it’s own strategy to be seamless and to support timely starts and finishes to your evenings moments of introductions, awards, testimonials, videos, auctions and entertainment. When you strategize these moments, you will not only raise more money, but it will increase your donor participation because you are running the event efficiently and effectively.

Be the benefit auction and event that your donors are hoping it will be. Be Brilliant, be brief and be gone leaving them wanting to give MORE.

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