• By Mark
  • July 9, 2021

Sell Travel

Sell Travel

Sell Travel 1024 765 Mark

If you have not traveled in a while due to restrictions, you are going to be surprised by how crowded it is in airports, scarce amounts of rental cars and hotels are filled up too. The good news is that here is an obvious opportunity for your live auction to raise more money. Within the last eight months of conducting virtual auctions, anything that involved a vacation or travel has been selling very well and getting a lot of competition from bidders. Find unique experiences in fun and beautiful places. Look around, they are all over the country. From water sports to skiing. From white water rafting to hiking. Discover history or a culinary experience in a section of the country and can bring the seafood of the east or the cajon spices of the south or Tex-Mex of the southwest or wine from the west coast.

Travel is selling, so sell it. Present your audience with a place to go and have a great time. Give them a destination to discover, to enjoy and release the frustrations of the past year and a half. We all deserve to chance to escape the frustrations of the past year and bidders are willing to spend a lot of money to get there.

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