• By Mark
  • July 9, 2021

Go Hybrid

Go Hybrid

Go Hybrid 1024 764 Mark

The best discovery of this past year has been how smart nonprofits have aligned with mobile bidding companies to reach out to remote bidders and donors to their Fund-a-Need. Live streamed events over the past year have raised tens to hundreds of thousands more dollars for my clients. Yes, there is a lot that goes into a video production, but with my 23 year career of broadcast television experience and Emmy and Telly Award winning quality, Auction brio clients have really prospered during a time into record setting numbers while others suffered on their fundraising endeavors. This is why we will see a continuance of the live streamed events in concurrence with the live in-person event. It is a what is being called a hybrid event.

As I am writing this blog, ALL but one of my of my seven upcoming events will be hybrid as an unperson event and a live streamed auction and Fund-a-Need so remote bidders and donors can participate. Discover how hiring Auction brio to conduct your benefit auction can bring and deliver the expertise in video production and benefit auction services like no other licensed professional benefit auctioneer in the business.

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