• By Mark
  • March 23, 2021

Is Virtual Over? Or Just Starting?

Is Virtual Over? Or Just Starting?

Is Virtual Over? Or Just Starting? 1024 528 Mark

Have you conducted your first virtual benefit auction? Or have you held out hoping that even though it’s been a year without that big benefit auction, you can get back into a room of hundreds of donors again? Well, if you did go virtual, the results say you were VERY smart to do so and you were successful in your fundraising. For Auction brio, every single client that has team up with us to conduct a live virtual event has been rewarded with a larger sum of money than the previous year with an in-person auction. Virtual benefits have been tweaked over the year and so much has improved in production, streaming platforms, formats, run of shows and they have raise huge money! If you have not tried a virtual, you are losing a lot of money and I have the statistics to prove it.

As we return to opening up venue assembly, one thing is clear, many events will now be conducted with a live streaming aspect. A hybrid if you will. Part live in-person event and the other part streamed online to others located anywhere in the world. I have explained to my clients that you will reach more donors and you will know how to put on a virtual event because I have 23 years of award winning video production experience in broadcast television. I know how to format a fun show and I know how to create an engaging event on a virtual stream. Both clients raised big money. Just one auction that I conducted had 596 views on the live stream and had donors in 18 different states participating in the live virtual event. Another client had 1,174 bids placed during their live streamed virtual event and one person was donating from the beach in Mexico. Both of these clients received huge surprises. One of them was 200% BETTER than last year when we were conducting an in-person event. The other raised $60,000 OVER goal. That is a reflection of having Auction brio on your team and knowing what works and doesn’t work through a live stream. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a live camera for an hour but for me, it is what I did for twenty-three years and I was nominated 33 times for Emmy Awards.

There will be an aspect of virtual that will now be part of benefit auctions. Are you ready for it? I am and I can educate your organization on how a virtual or hybrid event, or just the familiar in-person event can raise much more money than you have in the past. Contact me to conduct your benefit auction event and raise huge money.

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