• By Mark
  • September 28, 2020

Fund A Need: The Emotional Give

Fund A Need: The Emotional Give

Fund A Need: The Emotional Give 968 824 Mark

“If we make them cry, they’ll give more.” I have heard that so many times in the last 15 years.

But it is wrong.

The essential message of the Fund-a-Need is to show your donors the power of their money. It is to connect them to how their donation has created significant change for your organization.

The Fund-a-Need is not to make donors cry over your issues of need. It is to should them that you are essential to your community and to bond them with the successes of the organization…..because of them. Donors create successes to the programs and support your are able to provide to those in need.

Energize your donors with the feeling that they are a true adhesive to the organization’s prosperity. When donors understand the power of their funds, they give more than expected. Present donors with updates throughout the year to let them know the effects of their donations.

Discover how to present the ask to donors to show them the power of their generous gift. We have raised over $122 million dollars for nonprofit organizations. Contact Mark Schroeder and Auction brio llc. for your next virtual or in-person gala.

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