• By Mark
  • August 4, 2020

Streaming Your Virtual Event Live

Streaming Your Virtual Event Live

Streaming Your Virtual Event Live 683 1024 Mark

Where the pre-produced event is a safety net to make sure that all goes right, the live event can be a wild card. Now, you may say to me that you were conducting a live event with a thousand people in the room and all went pretty well. Yes, that may be true, but that event likely did not involve live streaming with camera’s a few feet away from the face of people who may be uncomfortable with cameras so close to them and bandwidth that can garble your streaming feed and really ruin your efforts to raise money.

When I worked in broadcast television both in front of and behind the camera, you knew a live show was a more tense situation. Cameras, microphones, cables, lights, videos to be inserted into the show, segment times, live guests, satellite feeds etc. All of it had to come together at once to work flawlessly. Most of the time it did and if it didn’t, it is on blooper tapes, YouTube and shows around the country.

There is no substitute for experience and I have 23 years of live broadcast experience. I was either a producer, reporter or anchor 5-nights a week for 52 weeks a year on live television. With virtual galas taking over, it is stepping back into a familiar and comfortable role again.

Live stream events have really progressed since that second week of March when organizations and benefit auctioneers were scrambling to discover the right way, or the best way to construct a virtual gala. I conducted a number of Zoom webinars to share my knowledge to colleagues, clients and other non profit organizations so they could understand how to make this work so they wouldn’t fear this immediate forced change in their fundraising efforts.

Live events are wonderful. They just need extra attention to details and there are a lot of details to make sure it all comes together perfectly. I have watched so many live virtual events I am streamed out. I have seen some rough ones and some impressive ones. Some with a 15-person production crew, to others with 3 people making it all run live. Live events must have preparations for the “what if” factor.

Go to my contact page and connect with me to discover how we can produce an entertains and effective virtual auction.

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