• By Mark
  • March 27, 2020

COVID-19 Makes the Need for Nonprofits Greater

COVID-19 Makes the Need for Nonprofits Greater

COVID-19 Makes the Need for Nonprofits Greater 1024 563 Mark

Everyone has been effected by the abrupt stoppage of life’s freedoms by this potentially deadly coronavirus. Nonprofit organizations have postponed or rescheduled their large money generating event for months down the road. But there is a problem. Money is needed now. Nonprofits are seeking alternative ways to raise money right now.

What really is the most effective way to ask and procure the dollars that are needed right now? Some are conducting virtual auctions, others are doing live stream auctions. Some are sending out email blasts asking for donations.

The National Auctioneers Association asked me to create a video for all 7,000 members to watch. It was geared to what is happening now in the auction industry and how all of us as professional licensed auctioneers can lend our assistance to our clients. Auctioneers are compassionate, caring and we are problem solvers. We comfort and team with clients to help them raise much needed funds to continue their mission to assisting people in need.

At this time, Auction brio has options to continue to raise money. Do not be afraid to ask. If you are afraid to ask for help, no one will ever know your organization needs it. You will be surprised at the amount of people that want to help your organization or school. If you don’t ask; you won’t get.

Let us share ideas of how your organization can continue to be sensitive to the current situation, but also show how you can still raise the dollars you need to continue the incredible work that you do for so many people in your community.

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